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My last qual, I watched this man drop a poor LCpl for

Rant Permanent range personnel with bad attitudes are just as bad as shooters with bad attitudes

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uk canada goose One day this past week, it was early as fuck and the shooters just got to their TPs. A SSgt was looking through his canada goose kensington parka uk RCO on the line and one of canada goose outlet toronto factory the block NCOs (Sgt) came up to him and proceeded to yell at him saying he was flagging people. There was nobody down range, he wasn flagging anyone at all, the pits weren even occupied canada goose jacket outlet yet, and ammo had not arrived yet. The SSgt was explaining his case to canada goose jacket outlet store the Sgt, but he just walked off mid conversation. SSgt then talked to the other SSgt on his TP about what just happened and from a few TPs away the Sgt turned around and started yelling back at him « What!? » and « You got a problem? You got an attitude? You want to get kicked off my range? » Are permanent range personnel the only ones allowed to have bad attitudes? Do they intentionally act like assholes to provoke Marines to do something that would get them kicked off the range? I never seen such blatant disrespect in my time in. The armory there has canada goose outlet store montreal a boot fatbody piece of shit Cpl who is also a block. He thinks he’s hot canada goose outlet location shit or something, because he will go out of his way to blast anybody, regardless of rank. My last qual, I watched this man drop a poor LCpl for absolutely nothing, and made him police call the armory compound for no shit hours (he started around 1200 and was still going when I left at 1630) and had to resort to throwing trash on the ground because there was nothing left. I ended up bumping into the LCpl a few weeks later at the chowhall and talked to him, and found out that fatbody Cpl made him disassemble his m4, coat it in clp, and roll it around in the sand and re clean it. uk canada goose

canada goose black friday sale Not canada goose outlet houston only canada goose discount uk are they assholes, but they overall fucking suck at their jobs. They are also constantly late , holding up the entire detail, and just genuinely don’t care about what they do. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket Fuck the 29 palms range personnelYeah it’s definitely like this everywhere. There’s a very weird « range culture » in which every Marine there tries their best to out shitbag the next. The haircuts are absurdly belligerent, the boot blousing are nonexistent and the wizard sleeves could official canada goose outlet double as a parachute if necessary buy canada goose jacket.

Jean-LucMy last qual, I watched this man drop a poor LCpl for
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