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Subsequently, most of these tribesmen fought alongside the

But a caucus within the party with ill intentions gave it the colour of a coup attempt against Patnaik, and informed him so when he was abroad. I never nurtured the ambition of becoming chief minister. I had selected candidates in 90 per cent of seats in the 2009 polls.

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moncler jacket sale A sizeable number of moncler outlet tribesmen from South Waziristan took part in the US backed Afghan ‘jihad’ against Soviet troops in Afghanistan. Subsequently, most of these tribesmen fought alongside the Taliban against the Northern Alliance and the US. The tribesmen, who are born fighters and learn the use of guns at an early age in keeping with local traditions, acquired more sophisticated fighting skills during the long years of the Afghan war. moncler jacket sale

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Jean-LucSubsequently, most of these tribesmen fought alongside the
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